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Exellent Work

We have got Team at ClecoTech who are not only very technical and proactive, but are readily available whenever we need to solve production issues. I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job and the excellent service that ClecoTech, did in creating my first ever App. This was my first experience in the world of Apps, however, with the support, help, ideas and dedication offered to me by the wonderful team of ClecoTech, expect more Apps to roll. I can't express how pleased I am.

Great Work by ClecoTech

ClecoTech delivered an excellent React Native and ROR applications for us! After an extensive search for the right company to develop our Web and mobile applications, we choose ClecoTech International (P) Ltd. because of their prompt responses and professionalism which directly showed their involvement and skillful attitude. ClecoTech has shown to be responsive, flexible and professional throughout the entire project so we highly recommend their services

Great Communication

Working with ClecoTech has been a fantastic experience. They’ve been able to handle a the work pressure, short deadlines and modifications in the projects. Their code is really robust to work with and they’re prompt with putting things together. In short, Ashish and Manish has been efficient, friendly and proactive with identifying issues and solving them before I see the issues. I would be happy to work with their experienced team again in the near future!

ClecoTech created WOW for us

ClecoTech have shown first class commitment to developing robust solutions for our complex business needs. Communication has always been transparent, and the turnaround time on issue resolution impress me every-time. The working relationship with them has like dealing with our own team rather than an anonymous third-party supplier.I will be more than happy to work with ClecoTech to develop further applications.

Greatly Appreciated

Having my website created by ClecoTech International (P) Ltd, I was able to increase my consumer base by 60 percent ! The professionalism and individualism of the customer service I received from ClecoTech is unparalleled. To see that this web and Mobile development company have a very detail oriented approach towards the process.So we highly recommend their web and mobile development services.

Everyone Loves My Website

ClecoTech has been a valuable web development asset to us. They are immensely professional to work with, and their work displays their creative abilities and great attention to detail. They are really good to fulfill the expectations when comes to their timely completion and delivery of web projects. I highly recommend ClecoTech as a company for your web solutions and would be happy to work with them on future project.


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They Did a Great Job

We would like to thank ClecoTech International (P) Ltd. for the quality of web development services that they have provided. They provide product designs and wire frames for the introduction and marketing of our products and add user- friendly functionality for our web and mobile applications. They have always provided timely services. For these reasons, we highly recommend ClecoTech for any business that needs a website design or ongoing development services.

This is a Quick, Effective Team

Agency transformed our website into a vital part of our sales, then tailored a seo campaign, which has doubled our traffic from a year ago.

Amazing Service

They really took on our project as it was their own and they pulled through to the finish line. We are very happy with the website.


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Thanks to ClecoTech International

We were especially pleased with their acumen and acquired knowledge of our products. The combination made for a highly collaborative working relationship.

Exellent Support

Amazing theme and top class support, as I’m a beginner, They helped me above a genuine care for you to enjoy and move The theme and author!

Exellent Support

Amazing theme and top class support, as I’m a beginner, They helped me above a genuine care for you to enjoy and move The theme and author!