Ruby On Rails / ROR


Why should you consider ROR ?

Rapid application supports the development of rails design patterns and best practices in software development and the biggest competitive advantage of ROR is the speed of product development. Ease of changes makes this framework the best choice for fast application development.

  • Rails is an open source and a Rapid Web Development Framework.
  • Require to Write Less code to Do More.
  • Rails works well with Agile Development Principles.
  • Easy to test website / application.
  • It is Open souce and free to use(No licencing cost involved)
  • It has an ecosystem of existing libraries which is ready for use.
  • ROR has excellent support for testing bugs and regression.
  • A huge community of enthusiasts who constantly improves features.

About Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails which is also known as "RoR" or just "Rails", It's an open source framework for Web development in Ruby, an object-oriented programming (OOP) language similar to Perl and Python. The unique feature about the development of ROR is that it manages both a website's front end back and process.


ROR Based Application

We develop your ideas in a star, create a ROR-based consumer app, which continually improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust.

Rapid Development

Our dedicated ROR team services provide quick support for rail projects and provide reliable support for ongoing projects.

Wonderful Community

A huge community of enthusiasts who constantly improves the facilities and ensures that the setting is in excellent condition.

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Host my cv

you can upload your resume in PDF , Doc , Docx format. It will be displayed as it is in public page where you or anyone can go to your URL and can "print", Download and Contact you easily. You can share your website to the world and you will reachable by a website url. Anybody can contact you very easily by sending you sms or email in free.



Locker for passwords! It keep your login credentials two times encrypted using very strong algorithms. Neither anybody nor we can read your passwords.
Challenges: Encryption of password and making it more secured.
Solution: For making the credentials more secured, we have used dual level encryption techniques so that no one can decrypt the password.