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Increase your ROI via email marketing

Email is a channel which generally provides a good return on investment, 66% of companies rated excellent or better ratings in Email Marketing ROI 2013. No other channels except SEO are high. It is easy to calculate your email marketing ROI after the profit and investment number is counted. I had a good fortune to talk to some ROIs and email marketing experts recently. What they have to say about measuring and increasing email marketing ROI.

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Our Process

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Catchy Subject Lines

If you send an email that is never opened, have you ever sent it actually? Do not have the complete point of sending your email to open and digest recipients? If no email is ever opened, you were not able to provide any real value.

Emails should be opened for them to get a chance of success and impact on revenue.Subject lines should be preferred because they can be your only chance to get the recipient's attention. Optimizing subject lines can help draw attention and woo clicks. Subject lines should be brief, avoid confusing language, and go to point. Knees and straightforward subject lines can attract eyes of consumers to an email and give them a quick idea of ​​what they will get if they open.

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Use Conversational Language

Once you get recipients to open an email, you need to focus on content and messages.Depending on the type of campaign you are deploying, some emails will have more text than others. In text-heavy emails, it is important to pay attention to the language of the message. Readability is a big factor affecting customer engagement. When the recipients find it difficult to read your message, they reduce the likelihood of clicking on your proposal or in the future, you open another email.

To keep the reader busy by pushing stories, try to use more spoken language in your email. When a brand uses a more formal language, it can feel stressed on the message and sometimes gives a robotic sound to the brand. Consumers want to talk to humans,so make sure that you are talking to them in this way. Marketing messaging within the email should always be focused on creating an attractive and memorable experience for the recipients.

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Create a Sense of Urgency

Adding dynamic content to your email not only can add a layer of personalization, but can also create a sense of urgency for your contacts.

Keeping a countdown timer or product countdown widget in an email can help contact the contacts before losing some valuable things. This type of content varies depending on the time when customers open email, give them a very accurate timeline when a deal ends or item ends.

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Offer Value

As a marketer, our goal is to engage customers through the point of purchase by providing real, relevant value. But often, the pressure to prove ROI and production of revenue from marketing strategy can spoil the water. But when we focus our attention on providing the right value to our customers, the purchase will naturally follow.

Making your brand valuable for contact can come in many forms and should be changed on the basis of viewers. For the brand of clothing, value for customers can be an email campaign, in which the latest products with additional content about stylish organizations are included. For brands that sell shoes, this can be especially suggested for runners to nurture or disperse. Finding the right place for your brand - and viewers - will make your email more attractive and valuable.

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Click on a Link

If you make it easy for email recipients to click on the link in your email, then this will increase click-through rate Just asking people to "click here", enough to inspire people to tap or click on the site. It's also a good idea to have images in your email linking back to your site or service or product page.

Explain that you want your viewer to click on a link and make sure that the link takes them to the page that shows in your email.

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