FAQs: Clients

We carefully select the staff we work with and the professionals that only work for our organisation. We sign NDA before initial discussions and are a registered organization in India. Confidentiality and intellectual ownership has been included in the contracts with our professionals.
Cost depends upon whether you require a basic website with few pages, or a fully-fledged complex website. It depends upon how complex your solution is and the technologies required. Obviously a basic website will be much cheaper than database driven eCommerce solution. Please feel free to ask for no obligation.
A code reviews practice is a part of our standard agile development process. After the verification or code review stage, software released for testing process. This practice is applicable only in case of hiring more than one developer. We ClecoTech use a few tips for reviewing code efficiently. Our Code review process involves - Review each and every line of code in
Static mode
● Automated tests through review tools.
● Manual business logic tests.
Dynamic mode
● Conditions and flow tests.
● Race condition tests.
● Provide remediation.

FAQs: Employees

We use Skype calls or telephone calls for scheduling the meetings on daily or weekly basis. We also provide the access to our customers, in order to monitor the progress or status of their project at every point.
Our developers are very concerned and dedicated to producing a quality code. Dealing with us, there is no need to worry about project quality. Our professional testers are always there to make your project better to best.
We have formal procedure to keep the project quality under control, including code reviews and periodic quality check.